AmeriCorps 101

AmeriCorps Impact and Branding (AC 107)

AmeriCorps branding is a critical component of your responsibility as an AmeriCorps program. Strong branding equals visibility, which elevates the work of AmeriCorps grantees and members. This course will review AmeriCorps branding requirements and best practices to ensure all AmeriCorps*Connecticut programs are positioned to demonstrate impact effectively. Content includes AmeriCorps and Connecticut Commission on Community Service branding compliance elements, why branding matters, the dimensions of program impact, data collection, storytelling, common challenges, and helpful resources.
  • Course Outline
  • Demonstrating the Impact of Service
  • Dimensions of Impact
  • Challenges
  • Program Data
  • Types of AmeriStories
  • Example AmeriStories
  • Storytelling
  • Grantee Tools
  • Branding National Service
  • The AmeriCorps Community
  • Visibility
  • Branding and Messaging Guidance
  • Results of Branding Assessment
  • Public Engagement Calendar
  • Required AmeriCorps Events
  • Who Wore It Best?
  • Who Shot it Best?
  • Who Said It Best?
  • Unique Ideas
  • Another Unique Idea
  • Stay in Touch - Social Media
  • CNCS Website
  • AmeriCorps Impact and Branding Course Quiz
  • Course Resources
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed